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About Us
Keep your vehicle cooler and private with the best products
We offer architectural film for any project

About US

The Tint House provides professional services using industry-leading products. Our team specializes in automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting. Additionally, we offer paint correction, multi-year ceramic coatings, and paint protection film installation. Conveniently located on Hwy 33 next to McAuley Ford, we are ready to serve you


Services That Meet Your Needs And Exceed  Your Expectations!

Vinyl Wrap or PPF

Automotive Window Tint

Ceramic Coatings for protection

Full Or Partial
Vehicle Wrap

Window tint is offered in a wide range of materials, shades, and special features. Some films are clear, while others enhance privacy and offer infrared protection with exceptional clarity.

Windshield Chip Repair

Chip Repair


Fixing a chipped windshield prevents it from worsening. If left unattended, a chip could enlarge, leading to an EXPENSIVE replacement. Addressing it early can save you hundreds or even thousands in repairs or potential legal fees, as driving with a broken windshield can result in citations.

Whether it's wrapping your hood or your entire vehicle, The Tint House can handle any project you have in mind. We use top-quality films and tools to ensure the best outcomes.

Automotive Window Tint

Paint Correction &
Ceramic Coatings

Preserve your vehicle's paint with a semi-permanent coating applied to its exterior, enhancing its shine in the process. This hydrophobic paint treatment is applied in liquid form. Upon curing, it forms a durable layer over your clear coat, shielding it for a span of up to seven years.



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